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Ancient Roots to Modern Branches
The Royal Tree Story
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In the lush tapestry of history, few plants hold as sacred a place as the olive tree, a symbol that stands at the centre of mythology culture, and the dawn of Western civilization itself. It was under the olive's thick boughs that the ancient Greeks laid the foundations for a society that valued peace over conquest, wisdom over warfare. This deep connection between the olive tree and the essence of human progress is characteristically captured in the legendary, mythical contest between Athena and Poseidon for the patronage of what would become Athens. Athena's gift of the olive tree, a source of food, medicine, and light, triumphed over Poseidon's war horse,signifying a preference for a life of peace,nourishment, and intellectual pursuit. Athens, taking its name from Athena, would forever cherish this emblem of prosperity and peace.

The olive tree became very integral to the fabric of Greek society that Solon, the wise lawmaker of Athens, decreed the first protections for this sacred plant. The most revered among them, the Moria, were guarded under penalty of death for any harm that befell them, emphasizing the olive tree's sacred status. This reverence extended beyond the tangible,as olive oil became a staple in the rituals of the Greek Orthodox Church, highlighting its spiritual significance.

Its utility matched its spiritual value;the olive tree thrived in conditions where other crops failed, becoming a symbol of resilience and sustenance. Its oil preserved food, lit homes, and served as the base for ancient cosmetics and medicines, earning it a place in Hippocrates' list of essential remedies and even Aristotle's pharmacopeia.

The impact of the olive tree extended well beyond the Greek city-states; it travelled with colonists throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea, becoming ingrained in the customs and financial systems of new territories. This spread represented not just the expansion of a plant but also the introduction of a way of life and values that gave precedence to intellectual progress, community well-being, and harmony with nature.

As we introduce Royal Tree, we pay homage to this rich legacy, embodying the same principles that made the olive tree an essential component of civilization. Royal Tree is a continuation of this story that began thousands of years ago, a story of strength, innovation and reverence for the natural world. Our dedication to preserving tradition, ensuring quality, and promoting sustainability is a tribute to the eternal legacy of the olive tree, a legacy that we are honoured to uphold.

Nurturing History, Cultivating Elegance

Located in the heart of Halkidiki, an area renowned for its rich history and devotion to olive farming,Royal Tree serves as an embodiment of both innovation and tradition in the olive tree cultivation industry.Halkidiki,known for its expansive olive plantations spanning an estimated 360,000 hectares and accommodating an estimated 6 million olive trees, serves as a tangible manifestation of the olive's continuing legacy on both the Greek economy and culture. In this region, olive cultivation is not solely an industry; it is a way of life, with eighty percent of the local population committed to caring, nurturing for these trees which represent the soul of the region.

Rooted in Antiquity, Branching into the Future

At Royal Tree, we are custodians of this rich heritage, specializing in the cultivation and export of ancient olive trees that reach back over 1,000 years. These treasured trees, identified by their gnarled trunks and large canopies, serve as living artefacts that embody historical and cultural heritage for centuries. Royal Tree, the first licensed company for the exportation of wood products in Greece, has been a pioneer in the cultivation and exportation of olive trees. Our first production comprised 140 ancient olive trees ranging between 250-1,000 years old, each with its own unique narrative, poised to enhance landscapes with its enduring aesthetic appeal and sophistication.

Majestic History

In addition to their age, the olive trees we cultivate are distinguished by their mere existence. Aged between two hundred and one thousand years, these ancient sentinels provide more than mere shade; they are symbols of opulence, historical significance, and breathtaking natural beauty. These trees perfectly adorn gardens, atriums, and driveways, thereby imbuing any area with an alluring narrative that symbolises vitality,tenacity,and aesthetic appeal.

Halkidiki's Connection to Olive Trees

In Halkidiki, the tradition of olive cultivation is as old as the hills, with systematic cultivation dating back to the mid-19th century. The region's olive production is an essential component of Greece's agricultural output, contributing 55% to the national yield. This remarkable output is exceptional in quality as well as quantity. Halkidiki is renowned for its olive oil and olives, with several brands celebrated for their distinctive flavours and nutritional value across the world.

Our Promise: Sustainability,Quality, and Heritage

Royal Tree Company is committed to ensuring the sustainability of our practices while preserving the legacy of our ancient olive trees. Our olive trees serve as a bridge connecting the past and the future, upholding the olive-growing customs of Halkidiki in a sustainable manner that enhances the well-being of our customers. Every tree that we care for and every product that we provide is imprinted with the unique qualities of Halkidiki, including its fertile soil and centuries-old cultivation methods.

With Royal Tree,you're not just acquiringan olive tree;you're embracing a piece of history, a slice of Greek heritage, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Our team ensures that every tree,which exemplifies the tenacity and aesthetic appeal of the natural world, is carefully positioned, be it in the serene gardens of private residences, farms or the expansive landscapes of commercial establishments.

Join Us in Honouring the Legacy of the Olive Tree

As Royal Tree continues to grow and evolve,our roots remain firmly planted in the rich soil of Halkidiki. We invite you to join us in celebrating the legacy of the olive tree-a legacy of beauty, history, and sustainability. Explore the timeless allure of our olive trees and allow them to continue inspiring your spaces as they have for millennia. Welcome to Royal Tree,an enclave where history and nature converge to create something truly extraordinary


At Royal Tree, our journey with each olive tree begins with a vision a vision to elevate the standard to the exceptional. It is a process that blends modernity and tradition, and it all begins with a strategic choice of land. Read on to follow the steps and process of our work.

The Beginning

Picture a farm abundant in historical significance, dotted with olive trees, each filled with tales of the past, ready and ripe for a new beginning. Here's where our journey at Royal Tree starts.The initial phase involves finding and buying farmland that is already planted with olive trees. This step, which focuses on lands with significant potential for expansion and further cultivation enhancements,is critical for laying the groundwork for our transformation process.

Assessment and Tree Removal

Planning and Preparation for New Plantings

The strategic plan developed at this stage also puts a strong emphasis on restoring the grove by planting young, fresh olive saplings in place of the trees removed. Through this process, we hope to improve the overall yield and introduce a variety of olive varieties that also supports our long-term objectives for sustainability and productivity in the environment. Once the selected olive trees are removed, the space is readied for the planting of new,young olive trees.

Tree Moving: Relocation to Our Nurturing Grounds

After removal, the olive trees are moved to a specifically prepared facility, designed for special care and optimal growth. This fenced area is set and furnished with the necessary, right conditions-adequate space, water and sunlight - suitable for the needs of the olive trees based on their species and growthpotential. By carefully relocating these olive trees to our nurturing grounds, we make sure that they are placed in the right place where they can thrive

Dedicated Care and Preparation for Exporting

Once the olive tree has moved to its new location, special, dedicated care is demanded to ensure it recovers from the whole process. Regular watering, disease and shock monitoring, and soil enhancement are crucial for its healthy growth and adaptation to the new environment. After this phase is complete and the olive tree is stable and flourishing, we proceed with pruning the trees, aiming to create a beautiful visual impact and leave a lasting impression on the landscape.It is then that the trees are ready for their final move - exportation.


Royal Tree is committed to providing your spaces with the magnificence and historical significance of ancient olive trees through the fusion of enduring aesthetics and unrivalled proficiency. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of services for both business and private purposes, our offerings encompass all facets of olive tree selection, maintenance, and landscape improvement. Explore the services that establish Royal Tree Company as the leading provider of olive tree care and cultivation.


Farming Management and Tree Sourcing: Royal Tree assists businesses in developing and maintaining their own olive tree farms, enabling them to grow mature olive trees for commercial use andagricultural exemption.We also assist in determining the perfect tree specimen for any desired project,and our specialists have unigue expertise in olive tree farming, supply and installation, providing our customers with a wealth of knowledge to ensure the best outcome.

Personalized Selection Process: Our staff of olive tree specialists collaborate closely with you to identify the most suitable olive tree for your area, taking into account its age, size, shape, variety, and compatibility with your aesthetic and environmental specifications.

Landscape Design Guidance: We offer professional recommendations regarding the aesthetic and monetary value of your property through the integration of ancient olive trees into your existing landscape.

Olive Tree Supply

Ancient Olive Tree Provision: With a particular emphasis on trees spanning a century to a millennium,our assortment provides an exceptional blend of heritage and individuality for your landscape pursuit.

Selection of Olive Tree Varieties: We offer a variety of olive trees suitable for both ornamental and productive purposes.


Expert Planting Services: Our proficient staff makes sure the correct placement of your olive trees, thereby ensuring their maximum vitality and development.

Turnkey Installation: In order to provide clients with a streamlined experience, we offer comprehensive installation services that encompass transportation, initial care,and planting.

Maintenance andCare

Comprehensive Care Guides: Our organisation offers comprehensive care guides that are customised to your particular olive tree, guaranteeing that you possess the necessary information to uphold its optimal health and vitality.

Ongoing Support: Our specialists are at your disposal to provide guidance and consultation regarding the maintenance of your olive trees over an extended period of time. This includes tasks such as pruning, fertilisation, and disease prevention.

Custom Services

Ancient Olive Tree Sourcing: In search of an exceptional product? By procuring particular ancient olive trees per your request, our team ensures the fulfilment of your exact specifications and preferences.

Business Projects: We engage in partnerships with businesses to design and implement exquisite landscapes incorporating our historic olive trees.Likewise,we extend our proficiency to olive tree-producing farms, providing counsel and assistance in the cultivation of flourishing fields that have the potential to substantially augment their agricultural productivity.


The Genesis of Royal Tree

The roots of Royal Tree dig deep into history, tracing back to the ancient Greek civilization where planting and growing olive trees was not merely an agricultural endeavour; it was a cherished tradition. For the ancestors of Royal Tree, the olive tree was revered, a sacred emblem of life and vitality. They believed that the olive tree was a gift from the gods,a belief that propelled their dedication to perfect the art of olive cultivation.

Generations of knowledge, passion, and respect for nature have been passed down,leading to the establishment of Royal Tree.In a modern age where tradition and innovation meet, Royal Tree stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its forebears. It is a business that fosters not only olive tree cultivation but also a profound regard for the environment,history,and culture.


Sustainability at its Core

In an age where environmental consciousness has evolved from a luxury to a critical requirement, Royal Tree is at the forefront of ecological agriculture. Their sustainable olive tree cultivation methods are harmoniously integrated with contemporary agronomic techniques that have been passed down from their predecessors. This dedication guarantees that each olive that is harvested originates from farming practices that are both ethical and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability at its Core

The foundation of Royal Tree's guiding principle is a firm commitment to excellence. Each olive is a unique narrative, embodying the ambiance of the Mediterranean region, the fertility of the soil, and the rigorous attention to detail that went into its cultivation.

Preserving Heritage While Looking into the Future

As Royal Tree looks towards the horizon, it does so with the wisdom of the past and the excitement for the future. Innovation in sustainable farming practices, expansion of product lines, and a commitment to educating the world about the importance of the olive tree in sustainable agriculture arejust the beginning.Royal Tree envisions a world where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand towards a greener,more sustainable future.

We honour the enduring connection between humanity and
the natural world
, by demonstrating that certain legacies, like
of olive trees,are destined to endure,evolve,and flourish
through generations. While preserving this heritage, our
company is committed to nurturing it, ensuring that the olive
tree continues to be
a lasting symbol of life, prosperity, and
environmental stewardship
for generations to come.

The Story of Royal Tree:
The Beginning and End

In the heart of the Mediterranean,where the sun kisses the earth with just the right warmth and the sea breezes whisper ancient secrets, there lies a story as old as time itself. This is the story of the olive tree,not just any olive tree,but those nurtured by the generations of hands behind Royal Tree. The olive tree, a symbol of peace, wisdom, and prosperity, has been weaved with human civilization,particularly the Greeks,for thousands of years.These magnificent trees are more than just plants and nature;it is said that they symbolised the enduring relationship between human ingenuity and earth.



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